ePosters Presentations Catalogue

POSTER TRACK  1.1: Craniofacial I

PP001 Use of distraction osteogenesis for unicoronal craniosynostosis
Gregory Heuer, Ian Hoppe, Lawrence Lin, Rosaline Zhang, Scott Bartlett, Jesse Taylor (USA)

PP002 Computer assisted virtual planning and surgical templates manufacturing in craniosynostosis surgery
Juan Vicente Darriba Alles, Ángela Moreno Gutiérrez, Gemma Arenas de Frutos, Santiago Ochandiano Caicoya, Roberto García Leal (Spain)

PP003 TCF 12-associated craniosynostosis: clinical series of 17 patients
Marina Brigui, Federica Ruggiero, Louise Wilson, Justine O’Hara, David Dunaway, Owase Jeelani, Gregory James (United Kingdom)

PP004 Frontal widening and remodeling for scaphocephalic children older than one
Eric Arnaud, X.L. Jing, Giovanna Paternoster, Syril James, X. Liu, Michel Zerah (France)

PP005 Early Preemptive Transfusion Infusion (EPTI) approach for pediatric complex cranial vault reconstructive surgery: a single center observational study
Mirella Seveso, Dario Caldiroli, Marika Furlanetto, Laura Valentini (Italy)

PP006 Results of experience with endoscopic craniectomy for craniosynostosis treatment
Ricardo Gomez-Espinosa, Jesus Gomez-Plascencia (Mexico)

POSTER TRACK  1.2: Craniofacial II
PP007 Robinow syndrome in a newborn presenting with hydrocephalus and craniosynostosis
Koichiro Sakamoto, Sandro Von Däniken, Bedirhan Boztepe, Kazuaki Shimoji, Takaoki Kimura, Masakazu Miyajima, Hajime Arai (Japan, Switzerland, Austria)

PP008 Brain anomalies in orofaciaodigital type 1 syndrome: combined clinical and fundamental approach
Pernelle Pulh, Brunella Franco, Paul T. Sharpe, Roman Hossein Khonsari (France, Italy, United Kingdom)

PP009 Macroglossia after craniofacial and posterior fossa surgery in children
Roman Hossein Khonsari, Jebrane Bouaoud, Thierry Briac, Syril James, Ian Henessy, Antonio Vecchione, Eric Arnaud (France)

PP010 Craniosynostosis in children with hypophosphatasia
Vadim Ivanov, Alexander Kim, Natalia Kolbina (Russia)

PP011 The impact of surgery timing for craniosynostosis on cognitive outcomes: a systematic review
Rachel Mandela, Maggie Bellew, Paul Chumas, Hannah Nash (United Kingdom)

PP012 Skull X-rays in the diagnosis of abnormal skull shapes
Dylan Murray, John Caird, Hugh O’Sullivan (Ireland)

POSTER TRACK  1.3: Vascular

PP013 Vascular diseases in Pediatric Neurosurgery
Martin Scholz, Friedhelm Brassel, Thorsten Rosenbaum, Ameer Alyeldien, Lutz Schreiber (Germany)

PP014 Aggressive Moyamoya disease in an infant
Amets Sagarribay, Dalila Forte, Gonçalo Januário, Miguel Correia, Rita Silva, Isabel Fragata, Carla Conceição, Mário Matos (Portugal)

PP015 The management of subdural hematomas in newborns: a case series
Peter Spazzapan, Tomaž Velnar (Slovenia)

PP016 Vein of Galen aneurysmal malformation. Report of 3 cases
Peter Spazzapan, Tomaž Velnar, Zoran Milošević (Slovenia)

PP017 Spontaneous giant basilar tip aneurysm in a child presenting as obstructive hydrocephalus
Dalila Forte, Luís Cardoso, Gonçalo Januário, Ricardo Nogueira, João Reis, Miguel Correia, Amets Sagarribay, Mário Matos (Portugal)

PP018 RBM3 in neuroprotection and neurogenesis after experimental ischemic stroke
Sven Wellmann, Xinzhou Zhu, Jingyi Yan, Catherine Bregere, Urs Fisch, Raphael Guzman (Switzerland)

POSTER TRACK  1.4: Trauma

PP019 Landmines from the neurosurgical perspectives in children
Yusuf Izci, Ozkan Tehli (Turkey)

PP020 Early resorption of acute subdural hematoma in a child
Ozkan Tehli, Yusuf Izci (Turkey)

PP021 Facing traumatic brain injuries in children and young adults
Nikolaos Syrmos, Nikolaos Haftouras, Vasileios Sanidas (Greece)

PP022 Bilateral split decompressive craniotomy in the management of cerebral edema caused by acute necrotizing encephalitis in a child with known ANA IgA vasculitis
Charlotte Burford, Nida Kalyal, C. Kellet, M. Lim, S. Height, D. McCormick, D. Das, Bassel Zebian (United Kingdom)

PP023 Decompressive craniectomy in case of Herpes Encephalitis
Alya Hasan, Lamya Alsarraf (Kuwait)

PP024 Cranioplasty with a polymethylmethacrylate customized cranial implant in pediatric age: a single-center experience
Gianluca Piatelli, Pietro Fiaschi, Pasquale Anania, Marcello Ravegnani, Alessandro Consales, Marco Pavanello, Armando Cama (Italy)

POSTER TRACK  1.5: Hydrocephalus I

PP025 Chronic overdrainage syndrome: pathophysiological insights based on ICP analysis. A case-based review
Laura Sainz Villalba, Konstantin Hockel, Martin U. Schuhmann (Spain, Germany)

POSTER TRACK  1.5: Hydrocephalus I


PP027 Comparison of Third Ventricle Diameter (TVD) using transtemporal UltraSound (US) measurement and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Pediatric Neurosurgery
Susanne R. Kerscher, Martin U. Schuhmann (Germany)


PP029 Ventriculo-sinustransversostomy as an alternative treatment for hydrocephalus in children
Mikhail Nikolaenko, Konstantin Samochernich, William Khachatryan (Russia)

PP030 Comparison of quality metrics for pediatric shunt surgery
Thomas Beez, Ann-Kristin Schmitz, Christopher Munoz-Bendix, Sevgi Sarikaya-Seiwert, Hans-Jakob Steiger (Germany)

POSTER TRACK  1.6: Arachnoid cysts

PP031 Management and outcomes of antenatally diagnosed intra-cranial arachnoid cysts: a single UK center experience
Samuel Hall, Alex Smedley, Nijaguna Mathad, Ryan Waters, Aabir Chakraborty, Vassilios Tsitouras (United Kingdom)

PP032 A single center’s experience of the operative management strategies of intracranial arachnoid cysts
Elliot J. Tilling, Emer Campbell, Raju Sangra, Anthony Amato-Watkins, Roddy O’Kane (United Kingdom)

PP033 Successful endoscopic fenestration of arachnoid cysts in symptomatic children: how does the cyst volume change?
Marina Pitsika, Spyros Sgouros (United Kingdom, Greece)

PP034 Management of intracranial arachnoid cysts – Clinical and radiological outcome
Matthias Schulz, Yasin Özkan, Anna Tietze, Ulrich W. Thomale (Germany)

PP035 A diagnostic conundrum: temporal arachnoid cyst and limbic encephalitis
Zarela Krause Molle, Hans-Jakob Steiger, Michael Karenfort, Thomas Beez (Germany)

PP036 Neuroendoscopy in children – 13-year experience
František Horn, Dana Kuniakova, Martin Smrek, Michal Petrík, Martin Lindák, Dominika Stevkova, Miroslava Sarkanyova (Slovak Republic)

POSTER TRACK  2.1: Epilepsy & Functional diagnostics

PP037 The Mozart effect in children with epilepsy: a review of the literature
Vaitsa Giannouli, Nikolaos Syrmos (Greece)

PP038 Predictors of the surgical treatment of temporal epilepsy in children and their importance in the personalization of surgery
Konstantin Abramov, Roza Khachatryan, Magomed Mamatkhanov, Konstantin Lebedev, William Khachatryan (Russia)

PP039 Pediatric refractory epilepsy with multiple focal cortical dysplasia lesions close to eloquent area: a case illustration of epilepsy surgery
Emily Kit-Ying Chan, Ho Wan Leung, Lai Wah Fung, Wai Sang Poon, Claire Ka-Yee Lau, Xian Lun Zhu, Aubery Ka-Pui Li (Hong Kong)

PP040 Selective dorsal rhizotomy in hemi-paretic/-plegic children with spasticity: case report and review of the literature
Michal Petrík, Dana Kuniaková, Martin Smrek, František Horn (Slovak Republic)

PP041 Survival of telemetric intracranial pressure sensors
Nicolas Nørager, Alexander Lilja-Cyron, Sara Duus, Marianne Juhler (Denmark)

PP042 Neuromonitoring for Pediatric Surgery
Miroslava Sárkányová, Michal Petrík, František Horn (Slovak Republic)

POSTER TRACK  2.2: Dysraphism I

PP043 Myelomeningocele operated with electrophysiological neuromonitoring, child’s case
F. Bouaré, D. Mpando, M. Laghmari, M. Lmejjati, H. Ghannane, N. Kissani, S. Ait Benali (Morocco)

PP044 Correlation of SEP results with clinical and radiological assessments of myelomeningocele patients
Gokhan Canaz, Huseyin Canaz, Ibrahim Alatas, Zeliha Matur (Turkey)

PP045 Prognostic significance in congenital heart disease accompanied with neural tube defect and Jarcho-Levin syndrome
Ibrahim Alatas, Ayhan Cevik, Berivan Sezen, Huseyin Canaz (Turkey)

PP046 Growing curves in spina bifida
Ibrahim Alatas, Vuslat Ozer, Berivan Sezen (Turkey)

PP047 Spina bifida with additional anomalies
Ibrahim Alatas, Revna Cetiner, Vuslat Ozer, Berivan Sezen (Turkey)

PP048 Jarko-Levin syndrome, spina bifida and chest deformities
Ibrahim Alatas (Turkey)

PP049 Appropriate skinfold measurements for spina bifida
Ibrahim Alatas (Turkey)

POSTER TRACK  2.3: Dysraphism II

PP050 Psychiatric features of parents of children with spina bifida
Ibrahim Alatas, Filiz Izci, Revna Cetiner, Serkan Zincir, Huseyin Canaz (Turkey)

PP051 Establishing a retinoic induced MMC model in rats for investigating molecular lesion cascades during the post-neurulation fetal and perinatal development
Gesa Cohrs, Jan-Philip Sürie, Christian Vokuhl, Janka Held-Feindt, Michael Synowitz, Friederike Knerlich-Lukoschus (Germany)

PP052 Use of homologous cryopreserved amniotic membrane in the repair of myelomeningocele: technical note
Elisabetta Marton, Enrico Giordan, Giorgio Gioffré, Giuseppe Canova, Adolfo Paolin, Grazia Marina Mazzucco, Pierluigi Longatti (Italy)

PP053 Prenatal diagnostics of encephaloceles and myelomeningoceles and their further neurosurgical treatment
Leonid Marushchenko, Liudmyla Verbova, Ivan Protsenko, Pavlo Plavsky, Volodymir Mikhalyuk, Andriy Svyst, Myroslava Marushchenko (Ukraine)

PP054 Dizygotic twins of different gender with concordant myelomeningocele: a case report and review of the literature
Cécile Balmer, Sarah Stricker, Raphael Guzman, Jehuda Soleman (Switzerland)

PP055 Myelomeningocele: 10 years of follow up in Slovenia
Peter Spazzapan, Tomaž Velnar (Slovenia)

PP056 Spina bifida: routine or urgent surgery?
Ivan Protsenko, Leonid Marushchenko, Pavlo Plavsky, Volodymyr Mykhalyuk, Andriy Svyst, Liudmyla Verbova (Ukraine)

POSTER TRACK } 2.4: CVJ & Spine

PP057 A presumed atlanto-axial osteomyelitis with secondary cervical subluxation in a neonate: a case report
Andrew Croall, Kevin Owusu-Agyemang, Anthony Amato-Watkins, Emer Campbell (United Kingdom)

PP058 The use of translaminar C2 screws in occiptocervical fixation for pediatric patients with C1-C2 instability due to muccopolysaccharidosis: a case report
Marcos Dalsin, Alvaro Ernani Georg, Elisa Bonotto Pietta, Ápio Cláudio Martins Antunes, Jorge Wladimir Junqueira Bizzi (Brazil)

PP059 Currarino syndrome: case report and review of the literature
Dominika Števková, František Horn, Miroslava Fuňáková, Dana Kuniaková, Martin Smrek (Slovak Republic)

PP060 Lumbosacral lipomas: do lipids play a role in disease progression?
Victoria Jones, Dominic Thompson (United Kingdom)


POSTER TRACK  2.5: Neonatal hydrocephalus

PP062 Neonatal ventriculoperitoneal shunts continue to have a higher failure rate than those of older children
Maya Kommer, Michael Canty, Anthony Amato-Watkins, Emer Campbell, Meharpal Sangra, Roddy O’Kane (United Kingdom)

PP053 Subgaleal shunting for post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus in preterm infants – A series of 17 cases
Alexandre Canheu, Marcio Francisco Lehmann, Felipe Inacio Ferreira Da Silva, Bruno Loof Amorim, Francisco Spessato Pesente, Sergio Murilo Georgeto (Brazil)

PP064 Subgaleal shunting for post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus – Technical note
Alexandre Casagrande Canheu, Marcio Francisco Lehmann, Felipe Inacio Ferreira Da Silva, Bruno Loof Amorim, Francisco Spessato Pesente, Sergio Murilo Georgeto (Brazil)

PP065 The concentration of Doublecortin in the cerebrospinal fluid from human infants is developmentally regulated
Raphael Guzman, Catherine Brégère, Christian Schneider, Jehuda Soleman, Sven Wellmann, Urs Fisch (Switzerland)

PP066 Shunt valve use in neonatal hydrocephalus: a single center experience
Duncan Henderson, Saurhab Sinha, John McMullan, Hesham Zaki, Patricia De Lacy, Shungu Ushewokunze (United Kingdom)

PP067 Borehole-Reservoir in patients with hydrocephalus and a weight under 2000 gram
Lutz Schreiber, Francisco Brevis, Ameer Alyeldien, Martin Scholz (Germany)


PP068 Endoscopic third ventriculostomy in the management of hydrocephalus and outcome analysis in 51 children
Soner Duru, Jose Luis Peiro, Marc Oria, Emrah Aydın, Canan Subasi, Cengiz Tuncer, Harold Louis Rekate (Turkey, USA)

PP069 The factors of efficacy of endoscopic third ventriculostomy in children under one year with obstructive hydrocephalus
Vasiliy Danilin, German Letyagin, Sergey Kim (Russia)

PP070 Repeated endoscopic third-ventriculostomy: our case series and review of the literature
Valentina Pennacchietti, Paola Ragazzi, Pierpaolo Gaglini, Mario Cacciacarne, Paola Peretta (Italy)

PP071 Endoscopic third ventriculostomy in hydrocephalus management in children – Comparing with adults
Artur Xhumari, M. Demneri, T. Kalefi, E. Pajaj, E. Gashi, A. Syri, M. Petrela (Albania)

PP072 Deliberate endoscopic third ventriculostomy for hydrocephalus in infants. Towards a reduction in the morbidity of ulterior shunts?
Mathieu Helleringer, Olivier Klein (France)

PP073 An optimized method of minimally invasive endoscopic third ventriculocisternostomy for children with occlusive hydrocephalus
Albert Sufianov, Ekkehard Kasper, Rinat Sufianov, Galina Sufianova, Iurii Iakimov (Russia, USA)

POSTER TRACK  3.1: Oncology: General I

PP074 Treatment strategy for the expanding cyst of pediatric pilocytic astrocytomas
Tomoru Miwa, Ryota Tamura, Takayuki Ohira, Kazunari Yoshida (Japan)

PP075 Management of the immature teratoma in neonates: case report
Claudiu Matei, Monica Dragomir, Stefan Ioan Florian (Romania)


PP077 Desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma/astrocytoma – A retrospective series of 9 cases
Kevin Beccaria, Pierre Antherieu, Marie Bourgeois, Syril James, Jacques Grill, Christelle Dufour, David Castel, Pascale Varlet, Christian Sainte-Rose, Michel Zerah, Stephanie Puget (France)

PP078 The role of neurosurgery in pediatric versus adult Langerhans cell histiocytosis
Hosai Sadat, Hans-Jakob Steiger, Sevgi Sarikaya-Seiwert, Kerim Beseoglu, Thomas Beez (Germany)

PP079 Use of tubular retractors in the minimally invasive complete resection of an intraventricular meningioma in a child
John Hanrahan, Prajwal Ghimire, Anna Oviedova, Wisam Al-Faiadh, Bassel Zebian (United Kingdom)

POSTER TRACK  3.2: Oncology: General II

PP080 The Dutch Pediatric Neurosurgery Network, the first results
Leonie Van Den Abbeele, Erik Van Lindert (Netherlands)

PP081 The NOPHO-European study on the cerebellar mutism syndrome: study update
Jonathan Grønbæk (Denmark)

PP082 Surgery of the small tectal tumors in children
Taisiya B. Bazarkhandaeva, Williyam A. Khachatryan (Russia)

PP083 Securing hemostasis in pediatric low-grade posterior fossa tumors: the value of thrombin-gelatin hemostatic matrix
Valentina Baro, Luca Denaro, Domenico d’Avella (Italy)

PP084 Half/partial facial colliculus syndrome
Amets Sagarribay, Gonçalo Januário, Dalila Forte, Miguel Correia, Carla Conceição, José Pedro Vieira, Mário Matos (Portugal)

POSTER TRACK  3.3: Oncology: Spine & Craniofacial

PP085 Intramedullary epidermoid cyst revealing undiagnosed adult diastematomyelia
Alessia Imperato, Sergio Paolini (Italy)

PP086 Pilocytic astrocytoma of the conus medullaris: a pediatric case
Charlotte Burford, Wisam Al-Faiadh, Jose P. Lavrador, Bassel Zebian (United Kingdom)

PP087 Surgical long-term outcome in a series of intramedullary tumors
Laura Grazia Valentini, Marika Furlanetto, Luisa Chiapparini, Micol Babini, Bianca Pollo, Roberto Cordella, Veronica Saletti (Italy)

PP088 Surgically seeded tumor after dumbbell shape craniopharyngioma surgery
Amets Sagarribay, Dalila Forte, Gonçalo Januário, Marcos Veiga, Miguel Correia, Carla Conceição, Manuela Mafra, Mário Matos (Portugal)

PP089 Pediatric craniopharyngioma early recurrence after gross total removal and treatment with γ-knife. Report of 2 cases
Christos Chamilos, Panayiotis Kokkalis, Spyros Sgouros (Greece)

PP090 Craniopharyngiomas: surgical results
Liudmyla Verbova, Mykhailo Shamaev, Andriy Shaversky, Tetiana Malysheva, Dmytro Tsyurupa (Ukraine)

POSTER TRACK  3.4: Oncology: Ventricles & CSF

PP091 CSF disturbances after transcallosal resection
Christian Dorfer, Gregor Kasprian, Julia Vendl, Thomas Czech (Austria)

PP092 Efficacy of ETV in the treatment of hydrocephalus after removal of posterior fossa tumor in children
Marina Pitsika, Panayiotis Kokkalis, Georgios Papaevangelou, Christos Chamilos, Spyros Sgouros (Greece)

PP093 Neuroendoscopic approach to midline lesions causing hydrocephalus in pediatric population: a consecutive series
Afonso Antonio Montalvo, Angela Moreno Gutiérrez, Juan Vicente Darriba Alles, Oscar Lucas Gil de Sagredo del Corral, Marc Valera Melé, Vicente Casitas Hernando, Roberto García Leal (Spain)

PP094 Ventricular endoscopy in treatment of obstructive hydrocephalus and tumor verification of the 3rd ventricle region
Volodymyr Mykhalyuk, Liudmyla Verbova, Pavlo Plavsky, Andrij Svyst, Artur Mumliev, Nikolai Guk, Dmytro Tsyurupa (Ukraine)

PP095 A rare case of intraventricular ganglioglioma in a 13 years old adolescent
Izzet Durmusalioglu, Gokhan Canaz, Burak Gunduz, Erhan Emel, Evsen Apaydin, M. Bilge Bilgic (Turkey)

PP096 Water tight dural closure in pediatric craniotomies: is it really needed?
Jonathan Roth, Haggai Benvenisti, Shlomi Constantini (Israel)

POSTER TRACK  3.5: Miscellaneous

PP097 Idiopathic intracranial hypertension in children: about a case
Cherkaoui Mandour, Cherif Abad El Asri, Miloudi Gazzaz, Brahim El Mostarchid (Morocco)

PP098 Intra-orbital hydatid cyst of the child: an observation
F. Bouaré, D. Mpando, M. Laghmari, M. Lmejjati, H. Ghannane, S. Ait Benali (Morocco)

PP099 CLN2 disease (neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis type 2): experience in the real world with cerliponase alfa intracerebroventricular enzyme replacement therapy in a public hospital in Cordoba, Argentina
Victor Adrian Munoz, Guillermo Seratti, Norberto Guelbert, Raul Jalil, Daniel Velazquez, Francisco Pueyrredon, Guillermo Guelbert, Roberto Caraballo, Tatiana Rodrigo (Argentina)

PP0100 Spinal epidural abscess after perinatal pneumothorax in an 8-week old baby – A case report
Cohrs Gesa, Friederike Knerlich-Lukoschus (Germany)

PP101 Multiple brain abscess in a child: two-stages surgical treatment
Ozkan Tehli, Yusuf Izci (Turkey)

POSTER TRACK  3.6: Hydrocephalus II

PP102 Reducing shunt dependency in post-hemorrhagic ventricular dilatation by improving protocols
Erik Van Lindert, Martin Geerlings, Hans Delye (The Netherlands)

PP103 Feasibility of neuroendoscopic lavage prior to shunt implantation in neonates with post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus
Thomas Beez, Christopher Munoz-Bendix, Ann Kristin Schmitz, Hans-Jakob Steiger (Germany)

PP104 Endoscopic lavage of massive chronic subdural hematoma – Adoption of a technique from ventricular neuroendoscopy
Christopher Munoz-Bendix, Ann Kristin Schmitz, Hans-Jakob Steiger, Thomas Beez (Germany)

PP105 The role of Choroid Plexus Cauterization (CPC) before shunt revision
Mihoko Kato, Masamune Nagakura, Hirokatsu Osawa (Japan)

PP106 Abdominal cerebrospinal fluid pseudocysts related to ventriculo-peritoneal shunt
Panayiotis Kokkalis, Christos Chamilos, Spyros Sgouros (Greece)