Message from the Scientific Committee

Dear colleagues and friends,

We cordially invite you to the 26th ESPN Congress 2018 in Bonn, a full 3-day-congress covering all aspects of Pediatric Neurosurgery.

On Sunday two great opportunities wait for you. First, there is an Allied Health Professional Sympo-sium for nurses, nurse practitioners, case managers and technicians of all fields working in Pediatric Neurosurgery, organized by our ESPN and Congress president. Second, we proudly present the first pre-congress workshop in ESPN meeting history and the first joint Endoscopy Workshop of ESPN and IFNE (International Federation of Neuroendoscopy).

Regarding the Scientific Program, we faced the difficult task to compose a program out of 250 abstracts, the great majority of them of high interest and value. In some fields such a large number of excellent abstracts was submitted, that we could not avoid parallel sessions.

To be as fair and balanced as possible, two novelties have been introduced:
First, the assessment and scoring of all anonymized abstracts has not only be done by the scientific committee, but a Scientific Advisory Board has made sure that all abstracts received at least two, mostly three reviews from experts in this specific field. We are most grateful to our colleagues who put ample private time into this peer-review process. This enabled a strictly score-based ranking of all abstract, which was the basis for allocation to platform, flash and poster presentation (unless pos-ter was the primary choice of the author).
Second, we have given posters a new format and a distinctive place within every day‘s morning pro-gram. During poster sessions, authors will have 1 minute more for presentation than during flash sessions and the option of an individual discussion. This way posters have the attention they deser-ve and all authors will truly present their work during the congress.
From all those who nevertheless feel that their own contribution has not received the attention they expected, we ask for understanding, since no committee can ever serve all interests.

Finally, the ESPN president and ourselves have tried hard to spice the program with carefully selec-ted invited speakers, to highlight the special topics of this ESPN Congress, and give you in-depth expert opinion.

We do want to especially thank Martina Messing-Jünger, our ESPN and Congress President, and Erasmus for the perfect organization of all other aspects, that we hope will make this congress a most memorable experience.

Finally, we thank all invited speakers and presenters for the enthusiasm and care they have put into their research during the last years and into their presentations to enrich our professional lives as Pediatric Neurosurgeons during this conference.

 José Hinojosa  Martin U. Schuhmann   Eelco Hoving
The Scientific Committee for the 26th ESPN Congress