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Erasmus through our customers’ eyes
know how ,flexibility - adaptability ,politeness of staff ,responsiveness ,friendly and helpful communication ,willingness to help ,interpersonal relation

Clients evaluation 2017 - 2019


would recommend Erasmus to a colleague or friend


rated Erasmus fees as very competitive (50%) or reasonably priced (50%)


rated our overall service as Excellent (78,5%) or very good (21,5%)


Erasmus invests on building long lasting, trustworthy and close relations with its clients. It is our commitment to stay by the side of our clients, to discuss their ideas, listen to them carefully and design tailor-made strategies that meet their needs and objectives.

Our dedicated team will go the extra mile to ensure only the best of service for our valued clients. We serve hundreds of association boards, institutes and corporations from various sectors such as:

Governmental / Public Sector
Education / Universities/ Colleges
Medical Associations / Hospitals
Various Associations
Pharmaceutical Companies
Corporate Clients (non pharmaceutical)