Flash Presentations Catalogue


FP01 Chari malformation management in Bilambdoid and sagittal synostosis
Giovanna Paternoster, Syril James, Federico Di Rocco, Michel Zerah, Eric Arnaud (France)

FP02 Establishing standards of care in craniosynostosis: results from a survey of ERN CRANIO member institutions
Tiffany Berrington, Matthias Schulz, Hans Delye, Gregory James (United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands)

FP03 Neurocognitive implications of sagittal craniosynostosis: role of the surgical treatment and genetic background
Daniela Pia Rosaria Chieffo, Wanda Lattanzi, Valentina Arcangeli, Camilla Zanetti, Paolo Frassanito, Luca Massimi, Massimo Caldarelli, Gianpiero Tamburrini (Italy)

FP04 Cognitive assessment of children with Crouzon and Pfeiffer syndromes
Giovanna Paternoster, Xavier Dahiez, Leslie Tabuteau, Karine Andre, Michel Zerah, Eric Arnaud (France)

FP05 Does early surgery for sagittal synostosis result in better cognitive outcomes?
Maggie Bellew, Rachel Mandela, Paul Chumas (United Kingdom)

FP06 Single suture craniosynostosis: preoperative and postoperative evaluation of neurocognitive development
Daniela Pia Rosaria Chieffo, Federica Moriconi, Paolo Frassanito, Luca Massimi, Valentina Arcangeli, Massimo Caldarelli, Gianpiero Tamburrini (Italy)

FP07 Neurodevelopmental aspects of non-syndromic craniosynostosis
Dawid Larysz, Dowgierd Krzysztof, Agnieszka Rożek, Patrycja Larysz, Marek Mandera (Poland)

ABSTRACT SESSION 4: Trauma & Miscellaneous

FP08 Can artificial intelligence predict the necessity of CT scan for infants with minor head injury?
Tadashi Miyagawa, Mariko Yabuki, Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Koichi Tamaki, Hirohide Karasudani, Akira Yamaura (Japan)

FP09 MRI utility in C-spine clearance following pediatric trauma
Michael Handler, Krista Greenan, David Mirksy, Graber Sarah, Noah Hubbell, Nicholas Stence (USA)

FP10 The predictive validity of the Glasgow Coma Scale vs “Glasgow Outcome Scale Extended Pediatric” and “Kings Outcome Scale for Children with Head Injury”
Andrew Croall, Shona Forsyth, Emer Campbell, Meharpal Sangra, Anthony Amato-Watkins, Lorraine Todd, Roddy O’Kane (United Kingdom)

FP11 Pediatric cerebral abscesses: a single UK center experience
Samuel Hall, Shirley Yadu, Benjamin Gaastra, Nijaguna Mathad, Ryan Waters, Aabir Chakraborty, Vassilios Tsitouras (United Kingdom)

FP12 Brain abscess in children: predisposing factors, management and outcomes
Vianney Gilard, Kevin Beccaria, Syril James, Thomas Blauwblomme, Giovanna Paternoster, Timothée De Saint Denis, Marie Bourgeois, Stéphane Blanot, Stéphanie Puget, Dominic Thompson, Michel Zerah, Martin Tisdall (France, United Kingdom)

FP13 Pediatric Neurosurgery malpractice claims in Germany
Thomas Beez, Beate Weber, Hans-Jakob Steiger, A. Sebastian Ahmadi (Germany)


FP14 Cephalic measurements on 3D photogrammetry after spring-assisted correction for scaphocephaly
Maik Tenhagen, Katya A.L. Mauff, Irene M. Mathijssen, Marie-Lise C. Van Veelen (The Netherlands)

FP15 Radiation-free 3D head shape and volume evaluation after endoscopically assisted strip craniectomy followed by helmet therapy for scaphocephaly
Guido de Jong, Jene Meulstee, Erik Van Lindert, Wilfred A. Borstlap, Thomas Maal, Hans Delye (The Netherlands)

FP16 Use of Oral Device in stabilization of facial advancement after early remove of Osteodistraction device for postoperative sequelae
Giulio Gasparini, Michela Perina, Camillo Azzuni, Luca Massimi, Gianpiero Tamburrini, Sandro Pelo (Italy)

FP17 Three-dimensional preoperative virtual planning and template use for surgical correction of unicoronal and metopic craniosynostosis
Mariana Alamar, Joaquin Andermatte, Santiago Candela, Gemma Garcia, Antonio Guillén, Patricia Puerta, Jordi Muchart, Enrique Ferrer (Spain)


FP18 Ultrasound examination of the cranial suture as a method for diagnosing craniosynostosis in children
Albert Sufianov, Olga Sadykova, Iurii Iakimov, Galina Sufianova, Rinat Sufianov (Russia)

FP19 Prevalence and severity of positional plagiocephaly in children and adolescents
Valeria Blé, Alexandru Szathmari, Pierre-Aurélien Beuriat, Federico Di Rocco, Laura Nanna Lohkamp, Pierre Antherieu, Carmine Mottolese (France)

FP20 Examining the use of resorbable plates in cranial vault reconstruction in 182 pediatric patients: a retrospective cohort study
Frank Reilly, John Caird, Dylan Murray (Ireland)

FP21 Anterior skull base and pericranial flaps ossification after frontofacial monobloc advancement
Giovanna Paternoster, Anne Morice, Anne Ostertag, Syril James, Martine Cihen-Solal, Roman Hossein Khonsari, Eric Arnaud (France)

FP22 Fronto-orbital advancement and reconstruction using reverse frontal bone graft without using the removed orbital bar as part of the reconstruction
Asim Sheikh, Moritz Schramm, Paula Carter, John Russell, Mark Liddington, Paul Chumas (United Kingdom)

FP23 Analysis of craniosynostosis cases treated with posterior cranial vault distraction and frontal orbital advancement/remodeling
Daiki Senda, Kazuaki Shimoji, Doruk Orgun, Masakazu Miyajima, Hiroshi Mizuno, Yuzo Komuro (Japan)

FP24 Endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery for 40 pediatric cases: Ankara University experience
Gokmen Kahilogullari, Cem Meco, Suha Beton, Murat Zaimoglu, Hazan Basak, Agahan Unlu (Turkey, Austria)

ABSTRACT SESSION 14: Dysraphism II & Spine

FP25 Comparison of percutaneous minimally invasive fetoscopic surgery and open fetal surgery: single center experience
Huseyin Canaz, Ibrahim Alatas, Ayten Saracoglu, Ali Gedikbasi (Turkey)


FP27 Post-natal management of myelomeningocele: long term outcome with a multidisciplinary team experience
Alexandru Szathmari, Pierre-Aurélien Beuriat, Isabelle Poirot, Frederic Hameury, Christophe Rousselle, Isabelle Sabatier, Federico Di Rocco, Carmine Mottolese (France)

FP28 Prognosis of surgical treatment of the tethered cord syndrome in children
Kirill Sysoev, William Khachatryan (Russia)


FP30 The different faces of limited dorsal myeloschizis: before and after 2010, before and after birth
Honorine Maes, Sven Bamps, Katrien Jansen, Frank Van Calenbergh (Belgium)

FP31 Limited dorsal myeloschisis: the Kolkata experience
Kaushik Sil, Sandip Chatterjee (India)

FP32 Lumbosacral lypoma – Removing technic by the traction bi-coagulation dissection
Albert Sufianov, Marat Gizatullin, Iurii Yakimov, Alexandr Skripnicov, Olga Klimenko (Russia)

FP33 Intraoperative neuromonitoring in surgery for split cord malformations
Ozkan Tehli, Yusuf Izci (Turkey)

FP34 Complex combined neurosurgical and orthopedic spinal procedures in pediatric patients: a case-based study
Maria Lucia Licci, Daniel Studer, Carol Hasler, Axel Terrier, Raphael Guzman, Jehuda Soleman (Switzerland)

FP35 Use of percutaneous osteosynthesis in pediatric thoraco-lumbar fractures
Timothée de Saint-Denis, Dialla Thomas, Syril James, Lotfi Miladi, Michel Zerah, Christophe Glorion (France)

FP50 Incidental pediatric brain tumors: an international survey
Jonathan Roth, Jehuda Soleman, Robert F. Keating, Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos, Shlomi Constantini (Israel, Switzerland, USA, United Kingdom)

ABSTRACT SESSION 15: Hydrocephalus II

FP36 The correlation between Third Ventricle Diameter (TVD) and ventricular indices at the time of diagnosis and during its evolution in pediatric hydrocephalus
Louise L. Schweizer, Martin U. Schuhmann, Susanne R. Kerscher (Germany)

FP37 Assessment of intracranial pressure and ventricular size in Pediatric Neurosurgery using combined ultrasound measurement of the Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter (ONSD) and Third Ventricle Diameter (TVD)
Susanne R. Kerscher, Marcel Kullmann, Annette Weichselbaum, Andrea Bevot, Martin U. Schuhmann (Germany)

FP38 Effect of ventricular volumes on post-hemorrhagic developmental outcome
Marcus Lo, Roy Eagleson, Jessica Kishimoto, Sandrine De Ribaupierre (Canada)

FP39 Patterns of ventricular dilatation in post hemorrhagic hydrocephalus predicting timing and usefulness for Ventriculo-Peritoneal Shunt (VPS) placement in premature infants
Federico Di Rocco, Coline Peron, Laura-Nanna Lohkamp, Franck Plaisant, Olivier Claris, Pierre-Aurélien Beuriat, Alexandru Szathmari, Carmine Mottolese (France)

FP40 Ventriculoperitoneal shunt valve pressure adjustments in hydrocephalic infants below the age of six months according to head circumferences and transfontanelle ultrasonography measurements
Adriano Cattani, Franziska Schwarzer, Mario Schwarzer, Andrea Spyrantis, Gerhard Marquardt, Susanne Schubert-Bast, Marco B. Bartels, Volker Seifert, Thomas M. Freiman (Germany)

FP41 Anatomical changes in the floor of the third ventricle in patients with hydrocephalus due to pure aqueduct of sylvius stenosis before and after endoscopic third ventriculostomy
Tuncer Turhan, Elif Bolat, Kadri Emre Çalışkan (Turkey)

FP42 Hydrocephalus following resection of posterior fossa tumors in children: a proposed abbreviation of the Preoperative Prediction Rule
Kevin Owusu-Agyemang, Emer Campbell, Anthony Amato-Watkins (United Kingdom)

FP43 Ventriculo-pleural shunts in children
Marina Brigui, Dominic Thompson, Gregory James, Kristian Aquilina (United Kingdom)

FP44 Progressive programmable valves failure in children with normal CSF – A technical problem of valve design?
Stephanie Anetsberger, Ahmed El Damaty, Andreas Unterberg, Heidi Bächli (Germany)

ABSTRACT SESSION 15: Hydrocephalus II

FP45 Robot-assisted neuroendoscopic intracranial membrane resection in premature infants with post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus and complex cyst formation
Andrea Spyrantis, Adriano Cattani, Volker Seifert, Susanne Schubert-Bast, Thomas Freiman (Germany)

FP46 Wound dehiscence after CSF shunt surgery: options for surgical management
Alexandra Honekamp, Julia Nassrin Masomi-Bornwasser, Martin Glaser, Wolfgang Wagner (Germany)

FP47 Cerebrospinal fluid shunt-associated infections in pediatric patients: A retrospective cohort study over a 10-year period
Luise Martin, Nora Renz, Tobias Finger, Andrej Trampuz, Ulrich-Wilhelm Thomale (Germany)

FP48 Does the CSF protein concentration influence shunt survival in pediatric patients?
Emer Campbell, Michael Canty, Anthony Amato-Watkins, Roddy O’Kane, Meharpal Sangra (United Kingdom)


FP49 Improved risk-stratification for posterior fossa ependymoma of childhood considering clinical, histological and genetic features
Stephanie Jünger, Martin Mynarek, E. Dörner, A. Zur Mühlen, K. Von Hoff, Stefan Rutkowski, A. Von Bueren, Torsten Pietsch (Germany)

FP51 The most influential papers in the neurosurgical management of pediatric central nervous system tumors
Charlotte Burford, Yasmine Cherfi, Bassel Zebian (United Kingdom)

FP52 A web-based application for complication registration in neuro-oncological trials
Lars Van der Loo, Erik Van Lindert (The Netherlands)

FP53 Intraoperative MRI use in pediatric brain tumor surgery
William White, Ashok Raghavan, Hesham Zaki, John McMullan, Saurabh Sinha, Patricia De Lacy, Shungu Ushewokunze (United Kingdom)

FP54 Retrospective single-center study of the prevalence of hydrocephalus in pediatric brain-tumor patients and its perioperative treatment paradigm
Andreas Schaumann, Charlotte Hammar, Matthias Schulz, Ulrich-Wilhelm Thomale (Germany)

FP55 Spinal cord tumors in children: 17 years of experience in Lyon
Alexandru Szathmari, Pierre-Aurélien Beuriat, Alexandre Vasiljevic, Didier Frappaz, Cecile Faure-Conter, Line Claude, Valeria Blé, Laura-Nanna Lohkamp, Pierre Antherieu, Federico Di Rocco, Carmine Mottolese (France)

FP56 Evaluation of tumor biopsies performed via intraventricular endoscopic approach
Elif Bolat, Taylan Özgür Kiliç, Tuncer Turhan (Turkey)

FP57 Tumor progression pattern of recurrent pilocytic astrocytoma
Christos Chamilos, Panayiotis Kokkalis, Spyros Sgouros (Greece)

ABSTRACT SESSION 19: Neuro-Oncology IV

FP58 Place of surgery in the treatment of SubEpedymal Giant-cell Astrocytoma (SEGA) in children. About a series over 15 years
Alexandru Szathmari, Pierre-Aurélien Beuriat, Federico Di Rocco, Isabelle Sabatier, Christophe Rousselle, Alexis Arzimanoglou, Carmine Mottolese (France)

FP59 Neurosurgical implications of neurofibromatosis type 1 in a single-institutional pediatric series
Veronica Saletti, Silvia Esposito, Luisa Chiapparini, Paolo Ferroli, Francesco Di Meco, Laura Valentini (Italy)

FP60 Neurofibromatosis type 1: a multidisciplinary approach from the pediatric neurosurgeon’s point of view
Dalila Forte, Amets Sagarribay, Ana Cordeiro, Carolina Pinheiro, Sónia Gomes, Marta Amorim, Rita Silva, Telma Francisco, Miguel Correia, Mário Matos (Portugal)

FP61 Surgical management of vestibular schwannomas in pediatric patients affected by neurofibromatosis type 2
Mario Giordano, Massimo Gallieni, A. Samii, Concezio Di Rocco, M. Samii (Germany)

FP62 Pediatric brain tumors of the first three years of life
Federico Bianchi, Paolo Frassanito, Luca Massimi, Massimo Caldarelli, Gianpiero Tamburrini (Italy)

FP63 Brain tumors of the first years of life: seven years of IOP / GRAACC / Federal University of Sao Paolo experience
Patricia Alessandra Dastoli, Jardel Mendonca Nicácio, Marcos Devanir da Silva Costa, Andrea Maria Cappellano, Frederico Adolfo Benevides Silva, Nasjla Saba Silva, Sergio Cavalheiro (Brazil)

FP64 Oncolytic virus for DIPG: a clinical trial
Sonia Tejada, Ricardo Diez-Valle, Marisol Gonzalez-Huarriz, Pablo Dominguez, Ana Patiño, Marta Alonso (Spain)

FP65 Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric brainstem tumors (a 30-year institutional review)
Liudmyla Verbova, Andriy Shaversky, Yury Orlov, Andriy Vashchenko, Tetiana Malysheva, Ivan Protsenko, Leonid Marushchenko, Andriy Svist, Mykola Plavsky, Volodymyr Mykchaliyuk, Ruslan Gavrish, Kristina Robak (Ukraine)

FP66 Chiasmato-hypothalamic gliomas in children: there is still a place for an extended surgery?
Nicolas Pianton, Alexandru Szathmari, Pierre-Aurélien Beuriat, Federico Di Rocco, Alexandre Vassilievic, Cecile Conter, Didier Frappaz, Linne Claude, Carmine Mottolese (France)