Message from the CEO of Erasmus Conferences & Events

Dear clients and partners,

COVID-19 has abruptly changed our lives, habits and business. One of the most severely affected sectors is the Meetings industry. With a sense of responsibility and placing on top priority the safety of our employees, clients and partners Erasmus Conferences & Events has taken all necessary steps, while following the Authorities’ guidelines.

Meanwhile, the unprecedented impact of the pandemic on our business sector has led us to the immediate reaction of developing innovative ways to meet and convene, with the valuable support of technology. In this context, while loyal to our belief that nothing can take the place of live human interaction, Erasmus Conferences & Events has enriched its range of services offered, introducing in addition to the organization of Webinars, the organization of Virtual and Hybrid conferences and events.

Below, you can view a sample of a recently organized virtual scientific event.

Thus, we are working our part to keep the meetings industry alive and active, as a necessary transitional step towards returning to live events as soon as the pandemic situation allows us to.

Till we meet again … let’s go virtual and let’s stay safe.

Georgia Tsatsou
CEO, Erasmus Conferences & Events