The olive tree will always be there!

The olive tree will always be there!

It's time of the olive harvest in Greece and we'd like to share a beautiful short film titled "The olive tree will always be there"

GAEA, the Greek food brand, has produced a captivating short film about the olive groves of Crete and the stories of the people who take care of them - released in tandem with a limited edition luxurious gift box. [...]

Short Film Credits
Direction: Theo Papadoulakis
Screenplay: Panagiotis Papoutsakis
DoP: Kostas Nikolopoulos

Production Manager: Dimitris Xenakis
Sound Design: Anastasis Efentakis

Casting Director: Archontissa Kokotsaki

Wardrobe: Xanthi Kontou
Art Director: Douglas Foote

Editor: Allan Michael
Cast: Dimitris Mpoumpouralakis, Despina Tsafaraki, Giorgos Kiminoulakis, Konstantina Koskina, Artemis Skouloudi, Manolis Poulis, Vagelis Vasilakis, Katerina Vasilaki, Giorgos Stentoumis, Nasos Stentoumis, Giorgos Vlachakis, Ivan, Giorgos Galanos, Pantelis Iliakakis, Vaso Psarianou.