Scientific Programme

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

 Time  Banquet Hall  N. Skalkotas Hall  MC2
13:00-14:30 Symposium 1
Melanoma: New Developments – open questions
Chairs: C. Garbe (Germany) - C. Hoeller (Austria)

C. Hoeller (Austria): PD-1 and CTLA-4: Upfront or sequentially?
D. Schadendorf (Germany): How long checkpoint inhibition – Until objective response?
G. Long (Australia): Choice of immunotherapy versus targeted therapy in first line treatment for BRAF-mutant melanoma
V. Kinsler (United Kingdom): Melanoma arising from congenital nevi: New developments in treatment
P. Lorigan (UK): Update on mucosal and uveal Melanoma
 Dermoscopy Course I
Chairs: I. Zalaudek (Austria) – A. Lallas (Greece)
In collaboration with the International Society of Dermoscopy

I. Zalaudek (Austria): Dermoscopy and the evolution of melanocytic nevi
J. Malvehy (Spain): Dermoscopic overview of melanoma
C. Longo (Italy): Benign non-melanocytic lesions
A. Lallas (Greece): The morphologic universe of basal cell carcinoma
D. Sgouros (Greece): The spectrum of keratinocyte skin cancer

14:30-15:30   Industry Satellite Lecture 1
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Industry Satellite Symposium 1
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15:30-16:00  Coffee Break & ePosters viewing
16:00-17:30  Symposium 2
Melanoma and NMSC: New Developments – open questions
Chairs: J.J. Grob (France) - H. Pehamberger (Austria)

A. Hauschild (Germany): Targeted therapy in NRAS-mutated melanoma
Β. Dreno (France): Vaccines and adoptive T-cell transfer
C. Lebbe (France): Immunotherapy in Merkel cell carcinoma
R. Gutzmer (Germany): Targeted therapy and immunotherapy in advanced SCC
J. Becker (Germany): C-Kit inhibitors for acral melanoma
Dermoscopy Course II
Chairs: H. Kittler (Austria) - G. Chaidemenos (Greece)
In collaboration with the International Society of Dermoscopy

H. Kittler (Austria): Clues for diagnosing non - and hypo- pigmented malignant skin tumors
E. Lazaridou (Greece): Facial pigmented lesions
R. Cosgarea (Romania): Acral pigmented lesions
A. Katoulis (Greece): Spitzoid lesions
S. Puig (Spain): Dermoscopy and molecular biology
Workshop 1
Prevention and Skin Cancer Screening 
Chairs:  A. Geller (USA) – A.M. Forsea (Romania) – D. Polydorou (Greece)  

C. Garbe (Germany): Does primary prevention of skin cancer work anywhere in the world?
A.M. Forsea (Romania): Current standards in skin cancer screening
P. Mohr (Germany): Lessons from the German skin cancer screening program
Α. Sober (USA): Skin cancer screening in the United States
V. del Marmol (Belgium): Screening and prevention of melanoma in Europe: Challenges and successes
A. Geller (USA): Melanoma and skin cancer screening: What is the future?
17:30-18:00 Industry Satellite Lecture 2
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Industry Satellite Lecture 3
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 Opening Ceremony
Chairs: A. Stratigos (Greece) - C. Garbe (Germany)
18:30-19:00  Opening Keynote Lecture
B. Bastian
(USA): The Evolution from Melanocytes to Melanoma
19:00  Welcome Reception    

Thursday, May 4, 2017

 Time  Banquet Hall  N. Skalkotas Hall  MC2
08:00-09:30 Symposium 3
Epidemiology of melanoma
Chairs: V. del Marmol (Belgium) – S. Gandini (Italy)  - E. Evangelou (Greece)

E. Nagore (Spain): Epidemiologic trends of melanoma 1950-2017
V. del Marmol (Belgium): Novel risk associations of melanoma
J.J. Grob (France): Fast growing melanomas: Do they exist?
S. Gandini (Italy): Vitamin D and melanoma – An open controversy?
D. Whiteman (Australia): The pathways to cutaneous melanoma

Symposium 4
Actinic Keratoses / Field Cancerisation
Chairs: T. Dirschka (Germany) - D. Ioannides (Greece)  
M. Trakatelli (Belgium): Epidemiology and biology of actinic keratoses
T. Dirschka (Germany): Do we need a new classification of actinic keratoses?
C. Longo (Italy): Imaging of AK and field cancerisation
G. Gupta (United Kingdom): Topical therapy for actinic keratoses: An update
E. Sotiriou (Greece): PDT for actinic keratoses: Daylight versus conventional?
09:30-10:00 Coffee Break - ePosters Viewing
Symposium 5
Genetics of melanoma 
Chairs: J. Newton-Bishop (United Kingdom) – N. Hayward (Australia) – I. Stefanaki (Greece)

N. Hayward (Australia): Novel high risk genes of melanoma
E. Soura (Greece): Genetic markers of prognostic outcome
S. Puig (Spain): Genetic testing in daily clinical practice
J. Newton-Bishop (United Kingdom): Using primary tumor transcriptomics to understand melanoma progression
A. Viros (United Kingdom): Update on melanoma and UV-carcinogenesis

Symposium 6
Diagnostic Aspects / Pathology of Melanoma
Chairs: B. Bastian (USA)   –  R. Scolyer (Australia) – I. Lefaki (Greece) 

B. Bastian (USA): Molecular classification of melanoma
R. Scolyer (Australia): Is pahtology the gold standard for diagnosing melanocytic tumours:  Does it always glitter?
S. Ribero (Italy): Regression in melanoma: From diagnosis to prognosis
K. Frangia-Tsivou (Greece):Tumour infiltrating cells in melanoma
S. Murray (Greece): Molecular testing in melanoma – When, how and which test?

11:30-12:30 Plenary Lectures 1
Chairs: H. Pehamberger (Austria) – A. Hauschild (Germany) – E. Nicolaidou (Greece)

D.E. Fisher (USA): Pathways of melanoma development: Prevention and therapeutic implications
D. Whiteman (Australia): The epidemiology of melanoma: Recent changes and future challenges
J. Malvehy (Spain): New imaging approaches for the diagnosis of melanoma and skin cancer

12:45-13:45 Industry Satellite Lunch Sumposium 2
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Lunch Break
14:00-15:30 Symposium 7
Surgery of Melanoma
Chairs: V. Sondak (USA) - R. Kaufmann (Germany) - G. Champsas (Greece)
R. Kaufmann (Germany): Current standards of surgical management in primary melanoma
A. Testori (Italy): Evidence-based assessment of SLN in primary melanoma
V. Sondak (USA): Lymph node surgery in patients with advanced disease
V. Sondak (USA): Surgery of distant metastatic disease
J. Gershenwald (USA): SLN beyond melanoma: Clinical application in skin cancers other than melanoma
Symposium 8
Melanocytic Nevi
Chairs: V. Bataille (United Kingdom) – H. Kittler (Austria) – S. Georgiou (Greece) 

V. Bataille (United Kingdom): Genetics of melanocytic nevi
H. Kittler (Austria): Classification of melanocytic nevi
V. Kinsler (United Kingdom): An update on CMM management
I. Zalaudek (Austria): Dysplastic nevus
I. Stefanaki (Greece): Nevi monitoring: what’s new?

 Free Communications 1
Non-melanoma skin cancer: Merkel
cell carcinoma, CTCL, rare skin tumours

Chairs: A.M Forsea (Romania) - R. Vieira (Portugal)

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15:30-16:30 Industry Satellite Symposium 3
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16:30-17:00 Coffee Break & ePosters viewing
Symposium 9
Adjuvant Therapy in Melanoma
Chairs: A. Eggermont (France) - H. Gogas (Greece)  

H. Gogas (Greece): Updates in adjuvant melanoma trials
A. Eggermont (France): Ipilimumab as an adjuvant approach to high risk melanoma
B. Dreno (France): Anti- PD1 antibodies in the adjuvant setting
A. Hauschild (Germany): Kinase inhibitors in the adjuvant setting
H. Gogas (Greece): 2017 state of the art for adjuvant therapy in melanoma: Concluding remarks
 Symposium 10
Melanoma in Difficult Situations
Chairs: P. Arenberger (Czech Republic) – L. Kandolf-Sekulovic (Serbia) – D. Rigopoulos (Greece)

Z. Apalla (Greece): Melanoma and pregnancy
C. Stefanaki (Greece): Melanoma arising in childhood
P. Arenberger (Czech Republic): Current need of early diagnosis in metastatic melanoma
D. Rigopoulos (Greece): Melanoma of the nail unit
C. Harwood (United Kingdom): Melanoma in the immunosuppressed patient
Free Communications 2
Topics in Dermato-oncology | Late breaking abstracts

Chairs: R. Dummer (Switzerland) – E. Nagore (Spain)

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18:30-19:30 Special Session:
Innovative Pathways for Innovative Treatments in Metastatic Melanoma

Moderators: C. Garbe (Germany) - A.-M. Forsea (Romania) - L. Kandolf-Sekulovic (Serbia)

L. Kandolf-Sekulovic (Serbia): Access to innovative medicines in Europe: an overview
R. Giuliani (Italy): ESMO EU Policy Committee initiatives for improved access to innovative medicines
B. Ryll (Sweden): Melanoma Patient Network Europe initiatives for improved access to innovative medicines   
A. Roediger (Switzerland): EFPIA initiatives for improved access to innovative medicines
Panel discussion (all speakers)
Industry Satellite Symposium 4
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Friday, May 5, 2017

 Time  Banquet Hall  N. Skalkotas Hall  MC2
Symposium 11
Treatment Approaches for Advanced Stage BCC and SCC
Chairs: A. Stratigos (Greece) - N. Basset-Séguin (France) – A. Katsambas (Greece)

A. Stratigos (Greece): Update on systemic treatment of BCC
N. Basset-Séguin (France): HPI resistance mechanisms and how to overcome it
C. Dessinioti (Greece): Managing adverse reactions to HPI
D. Schadendorf (Germany): Checkpoint blockade in NMSC
R. Kunstfeld (Austria): Systemic treatment of BCC: Beyond hedgehog pathway inhibitors

Symposium 12
  Cutaneous Adverse Reactions to Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapies
Chairs: C. Lebbe (France) - A. Katsarou (Greece) - P. Stavropoulos (Greece)

A. Patsatsi (Greece): Classic cutaneous adverse reactions from chemotherapeutic agents
C. Lebbe (France): Cutaneous reactions to anti-EGFR agents
V. Sibaud (France): Cutaneous reactions to immune checkpoint inhibitors
E. Livingstone (Germany): Cutaneous reactions to BRAF/MEK inhibitors and PI3K inhibitors
I. Panoutsopoulou (Greece): A therapeutic algorithm for managing adverse skin reactions to targeted oncologic therapies
 Free Communications 3
Non-melanoma skin cancer: Basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma
Chairs: P. Arenberger (Czech Republic) – J. Paoli (Sweden)

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09:30-10:00 Coffee Break & ePosters Viewing
Symposium 13
  Targeted Therapy of Advanced Melanoma
Chairs:  A. Hauschild (Germany) - G. Long (Australia) - D. Bafaloukos (Greece)

D. Schadendorf (Germany): Clinical update on approved targeted therapies in advanced melanoma
C. Hoeller (Austria): Monitoring response to targeted therapies in advanced melanoma
C. Robert (France): Resistance mechanisms to kinase inhibitors
R. Dummer (Switzerland):  New candidate therapeutic targets
H. Linardou (Greece): Managing adverse reactions to kinase inhibitors
Symposium 14
Regional Drug Therapies in Melanoma and NMSC

Chairs:  O. Zoras (Greece) - A. Testori (Italy) - N. Koliarakis (Greece)

S. Agarwala (USA): Intralesional T-VEC and combination
A. Testori (Italy): Electrochemotherapy
O. Zoras (Greece): Isolated limb perfusion: Is it still an option?
N. Rompoti (Greece): Lesional chemotherapy and cytokines
G. Gaitanis (Greece): Immunocrysurgery

Symposium 15
  Melanoma Genetics and Biology

Chairs:  M.-T. Landi (USA) – S. Beissert (Germany) – T. Floros (Greece)

M.-T. Landi (USA): Polygenic risk score for cutaneous melanoma in Mediterranean countries
S. Beissert (Germany): UV-induced immunosuppression and melanoma development
TBA: Novel pathways of resistance to targeted therapies
S. Karagiannis (United Kingdom): B-cells and antibody responses in melanoma: immune escape mechanisms and opportunities for translation
Th. Floros (Greece): Resistance to checkpoint inhibitors
11:30-12:30 Plenary Lectures 2
Chairs: H. Gogas (Greece) – A. Stratigos (Greece)

J. Gershenwald (USA): The new (8th edition) AJCC  melanoma staging system
G. Long (Australia): The evolving therapeutic landscape of advanced melanoma
P. Nghiem (USA): Merkel cell carcinoma: New insights in biology and treatment

12:45-13:45 Industry Satellite Lunch Symposium 5
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Lunch Break
Symposium 16
  Immunotherapy of Advanced Melanoma: Beyond CTLA4 and PD-1
Chairs: D. Schadendorf (Germany) -  R. Dummer (Switzerland) – A. Bamias (Greece)

C. Blank (The Netherlands): Update in anti-CTLA1 and anti-PD1 treatment in advanced melanoma
C. Robert (France): Overcoming lack of response to checkpoint inhibitors
R. Gutzmer (Germany): Οptimising use of antigen-specific immunotherapy in advanced melanoma
S. Agarwala (USA): Targeted therapy and immunotherapy in uveal melanoma
D. Bafaloukos (Greece): Open questions in immunotherapy
Symposium 17
Predictive Biomarkers and Disease Monitoring in Melanoma
Chairs: H. Gogas (Greece) - J. Becker (Germany)

O. Michielin (Switzerland): How does our surveillance algorithm change with the new therapies?
P. Saiag (France): Serologic markers with predictive value
J. Becker (Germany): Blood and tissue biomarkers of response to targeted therapy/immunotherapy
E. Lianidou (Greece): Circulating tumour cells in melanoma
S. Chatziioannou  (Greece): Update on imaging for disease monitoring
 Free Communication 4
Chairs: C. Hoeller (Austria) – H. Linardou (Greece)

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Industry Satellite Symposium 6
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16:30-17:00 Coffee Break & ePosters viewing
 Symposium 18
Combination Treatments and Treatment Algorithms in Metastatic Melanoma
Chairs: C. Blank (The Netherlands) - C. Robert (France)

C. Garbe (Germany): Molecular testing for targeted therapies
O. Michielin (Switzerland): Combining checkpoint inhibitors
P. Ascierto (Italy): Combining immune checkpoint and kinase inhibitors
R. Dummer (Switzerland): Combination of systemic with intralesional therapies
 Symposium 19
  Brain Metastases
Chairs: F. Meier (Germany) – Ι. Athanasiadis (Greece)

A. Laskarakis (Greece): Brain metastases: Epidemiology and predisposing factors
F. Meier (Germany): Brain metastases: The targeted approach (kinase inhibitors, checkpoint inhibitors)
P. Mohr (Germany): Brain metastases: Is their role of conventional chemotherapy?
J.J. Grob (France): Brain metastases: Gamma knife and new treatments
Surgical Workshop 2:
Surgical Approach of Melanoma. Its Role from Stage I to IV
Chairs: R. Kaufmann (Germany) - D. Moreno (Spain) – P. Panayotou (Greece)

J. Paoli (Sweden): Primary melanoma surgery
R. Kaufmann (Germany): Surgery of primary melanoma in difficult sites
A. Testori (Italy): Sentinel lymph node biopsy
D. Tsoutsos (Greece): Nodal surgery
D. Moreno-Ramirez (Spain): Surgical treatment of in-transit and M1a disease

Saturday, May 6, 2017

 Time  Banquet Hall  N. Skalkotas Hall  MC2
Symposium 20
Treatment Approaches for Early and Advanced BCC and SCC
Chairs: Ι. Leigh (United Kingdom)  – M. Bylaitė-Bučinskienė (Lithuania) – I. Bassukas (Greece)

E.Stockfleth (Germany): Updates on the biology and treatment of actinic keratosis
I. Leigh (United Kingdom): What is new in the biology of SCC?
J. Lear (United Kingdom): How to define high risk BCC and SCC?
G. Hofbauer (Switzerland): Topical therapies of NMSC
R.-M. Szeimies (Germany): Conventional and daylight PDT
K. Peris (Italy): Hedgehog inhibitors in advanced BCC

Symposium 21
Cutaneous Lymphomas: Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Classification
Chairs M.H. Vermeer (The Netherlands) - R. Knobler (Austria) - D. Sotiriadis (Greece)

P. Quaglino (Italy): Classification of cutaneous lymphomas: New aspects
J. Scarisbrick (United Kingdom): Prognostic factors in Mycosis fungoides
M.H. Vermeer (The Netherlands): Diagnostic approach in CD30+ cutaneus lymphomas
R. Willemze (The Netherlands): Folliculotropic mycosis fungoides: An update
V. Nikolaou (Greece): CD8+ Lymphoid infiltrates

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break & ePosters viewing
Symposium 22
Rare Malignant skin tumours
Chairs: P. Saiag (France) – J. Olah (Hungary) – V. Chasapi (Greece)

K. Krasagakis (Greece): Merkel cell carcinoma
P. Saiag (France): Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans
J. Olah (Hungary): Cutaneous sarcomas
A. Befon (Greece): Adnexal malignant tumours
M. Bylaitė-Bučinskienė (Lithuania): Genodermatoses with predisposition to skin cancer

Symposium 23
  Cutaneous lymphomas: Management and treatment
Chairs: R. Stadler (Germany) - C. Antoniou (Greece) - L.  Marinos (Greece)

E. Papadavid (Greece): Treatment of early stage Mycosis fungoides
R. Stadler (Germany): Treatment of late stage ΜF
R. Knobler (Austria): Extracorporeal photopheresis for cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma update 2017
M. Siakantari (Greece): Treatment of cutaneous B-cell lymphomas
P. Ortiz-Romero (Spain): New treatment for mycosis fungoides

Managing Melanoma in 2017: Challenges and Perspectives
Chairs: A. Stratigos (Greece) - N. Stavrianeas (Greece)

C. Garbe (Germany): Challenges for Dermato-Oncology
Workshop 3
Dermoscopy: Interactive cases
Chairs:  A. Stratigos (Greece) - A. Lallas (Greece)

Experts Panel: My one best case: H. Kittler (Austria), J. Malvehy (Spain), S. Puig (Spain), A. Lallas (Greece)
Case presenters: Z. Apalla (Greece), G. Evangelou (Greece), D. Sgouros (Greece), D. Papakostas (Greece), F. Chatzinasiou (Greece)
Symposium 24
Dermatologic Surgery
In collaboration with the Hellenic Society of Dermatologic Surgery
Chairs: D. Dasiou (Greece) - P. Saiag  (France) - G. Avgerinou (Greece)

R. Vieira (Portugal): An update on surgery and Mohs for NMSC
D. Dasiou (Greece): Reconstructive Surgery of special areas
A. Kalampokas (Greece): Making surgical complications less complicated
T. Anthopoulos (Greece): Reconstructive surgery of NMSC
P. Polyzois (Italy): Combined curettage excision and cryosurgery for treatment of epithelial cancers of the skin
13:45 Closing Ceremony